Origin & Ethos

Integrity, strategy, commitment

Tangent is a creative studio specialising in brand creation, management and growth. Our expertise and skill set is equally at home online or in print. We create memorable brands and deliver consistent applications backed up with intelligent workflow methodology.

Tangent create and treat brands with integrity. We believe successful branding is holistic and extends beyond any singular application. Be it online through website, EDM, video or social media, via print through brochure, poster, packaging, or other media such as outdoor, press campaign, direct mail, building or vehicle signage… It’s about the consistency of the brand portrayed, the message, the call to action, the result.

Originally founded by husband and wife team Rolf and Susan Preston we’ve been around long enough to understand the importance of developing client partnerships and adopting new technologies. We know that an essential part of any branding or marketing strategy is listening to the client’s requirements and strategically aligning service delivery. We have established strong working relationships with many clients based on this philosophy. Our team is friendly, approachable and hard working, If you think you’d fit in with our approach we’d like to work with you.

If you think we’d see eye to eye, we’d love to talk