Our Team

Great people produce awesome results.

The Tangent team has the critical mass necessary to provide in-house capability across different channels, yet remain small enough to be agile, hands on and maintain direct client contact. We are a dedicated group of individuals collectively striving to a common goal of delivering creative strategy and strategic creative. We’re everyday, approachable people who enjoy creating great design for great clients.

Rolf Preston

Founder and Principal

Deals with the creative strategy and organisational skills needed to deliver stunning client results. When not found problem solving can be found doing the dishes, emptying the rubbish, or un mounting Kevin from visiting couriers. Multi tasking is everything in a small studio.

Susan Preston

Senior Designer
A design career and skills honed to perfection delivering project after project. Both a lover of print and a digital convert, the more complex and challenging project the better; the more attractive the client the better.

Rebecca Price

A versatile and adaptive skill set spanning print, web... anything really, because creativity knows no bounds. What is it with Gen Y… 'why’ can they can do everything? Bec can be found on any of Bayside's beaches in the summer and in any of Melbourne's bars any time...

Hoan Tran

Digital Designer
Helps to train our clients brands across all things digital from site design and build to SEO strategy, EDM campaigns and Social Media. Always digitally compliant and responsive, because there’s no excuse for an ugly interface...

Monica Tran

Design / Production

Born to a rich cultural heritage yet more Aussie than a Bunning's snag on a Saturday morning.  Loves gig hopping in grungy inner city bars and aspires to be on MKR before it gets axed. When not cooking has a passion for all things design.

Jay Sampath

Accounts / Admin
Deals with everything we quite frankly don’t want to. The hard stuff like getting money, sending money, deciding who can have holidays, who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. All the while maintaining impeccable grace and poise. How she does it we don’t know.


Studio dog
Still learning advanced HTML 5 and mastering the art of hand coding CSS3. Nonetheless a valuable contributor, takes a real shine to visitors and has been known to go the hump on the first date.

If you think we’d see eye to eye, we’d love to talk