Bonning Property

High End Property Consultant

Brand Creation for High End Property Consultant Bonning Property. This is one of our all time favorite brands. We really got to get inside the head of the client to find out what it was about this start up company, that as the principal, he wanted to convey.

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So we took the opportunity of a blue sky brief and went on a journey with the client to explore options.  It's pretty rare to get an expansive brief like this, so we made the most of it and approached quite laterally... the result was a studio full of 3D paper sculptures.  The end brandmark is a photographic representation of one of these 3D sculptures, which we lit internally with a tea candle to evoke the mood and project the personality of the brand. 

This was then applied to collateral and stationery requirements.  The brand has stood the test of time (as all good ones do) and is still one of our favorites.

  • Concept and brand creation
  • 3D sculpture & photography
  • Collateral rollout
Bonning Property building 3d mockup
Bonning Property logo on business card
Bonning Property city building
Bonning Property stationery set
Bonning Property event invite
Bonning Property building view
Bonning Property building closeup
Bonning Property exterior building sign