Disability & Youth Services

MOIRA is an agency providing Disability and Youth Services in Melbourne. The agency has grown and evolved from its original inception as a nursing home, to become one of Victoria’s leading and most progressive agencies.

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During MOIRA's initial growth curve, branding and image were never considered as the services it provided were considered 'essential' and not something that required marketing.  In addition funds and resources were scarce for marketing which was perceived more as a wasteful luxury.  A forward thinking CEO however saw things differently and recognised the need to establish an appealing brand in order to grow MOIRA's services and better engage with its expanding client base.

Tangent pitched, and were engaged to rebrand and reposition the organisation. The immediate result once the new brand was in place was that MOIRA became relevant, vibrant and engaging. A range of collateral to support the brand and communicate MORIA services to its customer base was effectively deployed.  Tangent subsequently further refined the logomark to what it is today, strategically driving the brand and keeping marketing relevant and consistent.

As the disability sector faced the changing landscape of the NDIS and was turned on its head with a whole new paradigm of operation, the importance of branding became paramount as Disability Service Providers are now forced to compete in a user pays environment.

Testament to Tangent's work the brand is still in place and the photoshoot organised and art directed by Tangent that anchored the new brand is used extensively throughout collateral.

  • Brand Creation
  • Brand & Resource Management
  • Online Presence
  • Stationery Collateral
  • Promotional Material & Marketing
  • Annual Reports
  • Exterior & Interior Building Signage
  • Key Service User Publications
  • Ongoing Brand Strategy & Development
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