Rob Grinter
Council Election Campaign

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Election campaign strategy and collateral for candidate Bayside Council Election.

Politics is not something we do a lot of. In fact, most would say we are politically incorrect (inept?). But, like any good politician, we'll do anything for the money. Yep anything... so try us, we can be bought!

Design matters in any space, even politics, and whilst it's sadly lacking in a lot of political campaigns, when its used well, it works. It can be the key to a seat of power! This candidate saw the intelligence of using design as a campaign tool and commissioned Tangent to create a branded campaign with a suite of promotional collateral, signage and social media content. Tangent's work paid off as Councillor Rob Grinter was elected to Bayside City Council in November 2016.

As it turned in an interesting twist, us getting paid for this job was somewhat dependent on the candidate winning, that's politics hey, nothing like results based outcomes!  With good design and creative strategy, a positive result is never in doubt. Vote 1 Tangent Design.

  • Campaign branding
  • Campaign strategy
  • Printed collateral design and production
  • Signage
  • Merchandise
  • Social media marketing




Rob Grinter overview brochure
Rob Grinter campaign voting card
Rob Grinter campaign promo apparel t shirt
Rob Grinter campaign street board
Rob Grinter campaign Hampton station
Rob Grinter campaign poster
Rob Grinter campaign Facebook social media
Rob Grinter Brighton beach houses
Rob Grinter campaign voting information letter