Is that Bona or are you pleased to see me?

Despite the awkward and common misinterpretion in Aussie vernacular, there is nothing smutty about 'BONA', which is in fact a world leading brand of floor coatings and floorcare products.

The Bona brand has been in the Australian marketplace for about 20 years and in that time has established itself as the leading supplier of floors coatings and finishes to trade contractors, as well as the market leaders in floor care products for home owners. This has come about through the simple truth that Bona products are the best.

Bona is a Swedish company that invested from the start in making sustainable, environmentally friendly floor coating products. This genuine leadership and forethought has paid off, as regulations now have caught up with environmental concerns making non-toxic floor coating products mandatory in many countries around the world. The Australian Bona Distributorship became aware however that to maintain Bona's market leadership in Australia this truth needed to be better communicated to its audience, and that Bona brand marketing in Australia needed some attention to help keep its sector leading position and grow sales.

Hence Tangent was contracted to reposition Bona in the Australian market and reinvigorate its branding and marketing. This is an ongoing process that began with a complete brand audit and so far has included a web presence rebuild, revision of all brochure and printed material, retail POS and packaging as well as marketing strategy and communications for both the Trade and Retail sectors. The brand is now consistently applied across all channels, with sound marketing strategy and collateral in place and is in the perfect position to deploy flexible marketing applications as it continues to grow.

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