Cleaning Up our Act

Tangent were recently engaged to design a new range of FMCG packaging for the household cleaning sector for the iconic ‘De-Solv-It’ cleaning products...

De-Solv-It cleaning products have been market leaders in the Trade / Professional sector for many years. The brief however was for a new range of cleaning products to launch into the crowded household cleaning sector.

Initial Research and Define diligence took us into the supermarket aisles to review what competitors were doing. As it turned out... a lot, and not much! The sector was saturated with same same, lowest common denominator marketing. Anyone who has spent time in a supermarket cleaning aisle will know the feeling of being bombarded by 100’s of lookalike Ajax's, Pine O Clean's, BAM's, Jif's, Earth Choice's, Mr Sparkle's, Mr Sheen's, Mr WTF's, Mr NFI's...

To say the choice is overwhelming would be an understatement. Speaking to the De-Solv-it guys also revealed that there's actually very little difference in cleaner ingredients, or even effectiveness of cleaners. In most cases you’d be better off just using vinegar and water. The key driver for sales is consumer brand loyalty and impulse purchase. Hence the common strategy for manufacturers is to buy shelf presence, and flood the market with as many variants and scents of the same product as possible.

The De-Solv-It difference in this crowded market however is a product that has genuine cleaning credentials with trade professionals, and the same recipe was be used for the household market. So the brief for Tangent was multifold. Get across the genuine point of difference of capability of the product, leverage existing brand footprint / recognition, and yet still create a unique POD with stand out in a saturated market. Easy then….

The solution was to update the De-Solv-It ‘look’ whist still retaining a link to the original labels, creating custom illustrations to differentiate the household product range applications to enable the consumer to clearly identify what each product did, let the products speak on their merits and communicate this with a unique look, without relying on a fragrance or meaningless call to action. Tangent also input to the bottle design, label die shape and placement.

The Result …? Go clean up your act, grab a bottle of De-Solv-It Bathroom Cleaner at a supermarket near you and see for yourself.

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