Beer, Beer..? Yes.

Nothing says thankyou like beer, cold beer. Client giveaways are a great way to maintain customer loyalty, but instead of giving away products which promote someone else’s brand, it’s an ideal opportunity to promote your own brand and leverage the giveaway as a self promotion…

In the case of beer this is pretty easy. Use someone else's brewery, packaging facilities and logistics, then create your own custom designed label to put on the product.  We created a ‘Hydro Dose’ pale ale for one of our favourite brands, HydroHeat. This was twisting our arm as we’re pretty much sold on any idea that includes the word ‘beer’, and the giveaway was ideally targeted to the HydroHeat customer demographic of thirsty plumbers. This icy cold promo will now be in the customers hands and faces at least 24 times for every slab opened and is a great talking point. Alcohol is one of the best and legal ways to build customer relationships, and brand loyalty.

An important point to remember for any food or drink promo however is to ensure the quality of the product; the only thing worse than warm beer is bad beer. The ‘Hydro Dose’ brew is a craft pale ale from regional victoria, a great drop. It’s distributed through Brewtopia in Melbourne who organise bottling, labelling of our design, packaging and delivery. So, a cool brand touchpoint in place and happy customers as well. And the finishing touch, teamed it up with the most iconic of all promotional products… the humble stubby holder.